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We perform Musical Events, from Ghazals to the Latest and Greatest Songs.

We Promise to give you the best vocals. Nobody Does It Better, than US!!!

Artists' Portfolio

Anjalee is a gifted singer whose passion for music started in her childhood in the Indian capital. She received training in Hindustani classical music under the tutelage of stalwarts like Vilayat Khan, Indira Nalini, followed by Nirmal Bajekal in USA, an advanced disciple of Dr. Prabha Atre. Anjalee was a regular performer at All India Radio (AIR) Delhi, for Ghazals. Besides AIR Delhi, Anjalee has performed and enthralled audiences in U.K. and USA. Some of her major performances have been in BBC West Midlands, Birmingham Conservatoire, Norwalk, CA and Virginia.

Currently she is pursuing her training under the renowned classical musician Pandit Pritam Bhattacharjee - one of most accomplished disciples of Pandit Jasraj and recipient of the prestigious Mallikarjun Mansur award. She is also taking voice coaching lessons along with her husband from the world famous Opera singer Augusto Paglialunga.

Anjalee renders her voice to any style of music be it Old Hindi classics, Bollywood fast numbers, Ghazals or Bhajans.

She lives in the Valley and performs on request.

Contact: 480-381 2784


Tareq shares his passion for music like Anjalee and Ravi and has performed with them through out the valley. His passions involve singing golden oldies to the latest and greatest which involves from "Pukarta Chala Honon Mn", to "Tu Hey Meri Kiran" to "Layi Vi Na Gayi" to "Tum Ney Jana" to "Twist" "Hum Terey Bin Ab " to "Sayayar mn Sayarra" and many many more. Between Ravi and Anjalee and Tarek, it is a guarantee that you will not only enjoy the songs, but will start dancing. Last 30 minutes of this group will have the fastest beats to get you tapping on the floor.

Tarek also plays key board and re-composes Hindi songs with a new twist that makes them his own way of singing them. Most of his performance are on the key board midis or rhythm from his synthesizer or his keyboard.

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